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Olive Oil Soap

Unsurpassed softness, memorable odour, grandmother’s soaps. The vast quantity of virgin olive oil is the main product that has been used in its preparation. An essential ingredient in all...

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Soap - Engravings

Dates that remain engraved in memory. Special events and the need of joy to share them.

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Soap - Lucky charmings

They accompany our wishes for a Good and Clean year. They symbolize the principle of time and the virtue of patience. You need to wait for a fresh, hand-made olive oil soap to mature, time is its...

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Soap - Wedding and christening favors

Wedding and christening favors with soap, to accompany the most happy moments in our lives. A small gift for those who honoured us with their presence and shared with us our joy.

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Soap -Gifts

Functional and pretty gift packaging. A collection of all types of “Dimitra” soaps for a truly unique gift.

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