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GR3 (1)

LOUX Juice Apple – Orange – Carrot

Ingredients: apple juice (84 %) of concentrated apple juice, Orange juice (11 %) of concentrated orange juice, Carrot juice (5 %) of concentrated carrot juice No additional preservatives or no added...

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GR4 (1)

LOUX Natural Juice Multi – Vitamin Extra 9

Ingredients: apple juice, orange juice concentrated juices, peach pulp, Grape juice, pineapple, grapefruit, kiwi, passion fruit and mango in variable proportion of concentrated juices.

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LOUX Natural Orange Juice

Ingredients: 100% natural orange juice from concentrated juice, without additional preservatives and no added sugar.

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GR2 (1)

LOUX Peach Juice

Ingredients: peach puree 60 %, apple juice 40% of concentrated apple juice No additional preservatives or no added sugar

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